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The next 6 crowns need to be replaced as the diabetes has receded the gumline and new crowns are required

2 teeth on right top jaw remain
The next 6 crowns need to be replaced as the diabetes has receded the gumline and new crowns are required.
Then following needs implants for 8 teeth. Specialist here says bone graft not required. and implants will work.
Also from existing teeth where work on implants are 1 tooth has fallen out and two more have broken off at gumline.
So layout is top jaw left is
1 ok as is
2 ok as is
3 implant and crown
4,5,6,7,8,9 need new crowns only
10,11,12,13,14 need new implants and crowns

Please review and let me know costs approx, time to do the work and proposed schedule.

Ans of Dr. Sanjay Arora.

I would like to do this case differently.

The mere fact that almost the entire arch has collapsed, points to complete collapse of the mechanism which contains the forces in the mouth.

This has led to a complete catastrophe. If the same will not be rectified, it will happen with the implants and the new set of teeth as well.

  • The upper front segment should be additionally made to undergo flap surgery and bone grafting.
  • 44,45 and 47/lower right first second premolar and second molar/ 28,29 and 31, will need extraction and replacement with an implant.
  • Its not clear from the X-ray if the lower front teeth are present or absent, ideally if missing the implants must be placed there.
  • To contain forces, all 32 teeth should be capped along with creating extreme neuro-muscular balances.
  • Upper left segment in the area of 13,14, a graft is a good idea.
Would like to use tools like T-scan to balance the forces.

Please click here to understand the role of BioJVA, to monitor the joint health, which gets jeopardized otherwise.


Would like to use BioEMG to contain the forces so generated.

All these tools are mandatory to correct the forces, if we don’t want another destruction wave.