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Post-Operative Complications Of Implant Placement

1) Infection- extremely rare, as implants are sterile pieces of an unreactive metal-Titanium. At Zental in past 16 years we have experienced no such case, owing to very effective sterilization practices which are amongst best practices.
Post-operative infection may cause great discomfort and pain to the patient.
Reason: a) Bacterial contamination of implant or surgical site during the procedure.
Solution: a) Following thorough aseptic protocol, which is STRICTY followed at ZENTAL GENTAL DENTAL CARE. We give utmost priority to have a STERILE working area and maintain a clean environment.

2) Post-operative edema (accumulation of excess of plasma fluid(transudate)in the tissue spaces)
Edema creates discomfort to the patient during food intake and also interferes with the maintenance of oral hygiene.
Reason: a) excessive trauma to the soft tissue and bone during the procedure.
Solution: a) Atraumatic surgical technique thereby minimizing tissue damage. At ZENTAL GENTAL DENTAL CARE, our prime motto is to provide HYGIENIC and PAINLESS dental treatment to the patient. Most procedures are done almost non-surgically, or a better term is key hole surgically, as we are the only proud owners of a CBCT or a 3D X-ray in the entire country. This allows a flapless entry for most cases.
b) Application of ice-pack.

3) Emphysema (entrapment of air into the tissue spaces)
Reason: a) use of high velocity instrument to prepare bone bed during surgery.
b) Irrigation of wound with hydrogen peroxide.
c) Improper approximation of the edges of the flap.
d) Sudden rise of intraoral pressure as during sneezing, may force the air through improperly approximated flap edges into the deeper tissue spaces.
Solution: a) Carrying out the entire procedure with utmost care and patience. We have highly experienced group of doctors to provide you with HIGH QUALITY TREATMENT at a very REASONABLE COST.
b) Massage and compression with ice pack.

4) Flap dehiscence (opening of surgical wound edges and exposure of part or all of implant head and/or surrounding bone tissue)
Reason: a) Improper closure of flap margins.
b) A very thin mucosa
c) Excessive tension on the suture.
d) Premature use of removable denture.
e) absence of attached gingiva and patient not allowing rest to mandible.
Solution: a) Careful preoperative assessment of the soft tissue
b) Proper suturing
c) Delaying the use of removable denture until two weeks after surgery.

5) Peri-implantitis (inflammation of tissues around the implant)
Reason: a) pre-existing bone infection
b) Sinus infection
c) Presence of foreign bodies (endodontic material or broken instruments in the canals) or root fragment.
d) Contamination of the implant surface before or during the procedure.
Solution: a) Careful preoperative examination of the periodontal and endodontic condition of the patient.
b) Care taken to remove any bone debris from the bottom of the implant before implantation.

6) Failed osseointegration
Lack of implant osseointegration is diagnose in the later stages phase II surgery) when the implant is loaded. It is the worst complication since it results in the loss of implant.
Reason: a) Reduced healing capacity
b) Premature occlusal loading of the implant.
c) Technical errors during surgery. At ZENTAL GENTAL DENTAL CARE possibility of having any technical errors is as close to zero as we are equipped with the most advanced technologies like T-scan, JT (joint tracker), JVA (joint vibration analysis), MATSCAN ,3D CT scan, CBCT and many more.
d) Bone overheating during the implant site preparation
Solution: a) removal of loose implant and accurate debridement of the area involved so that a new implant may be inserted when sufficient healing has taken place.

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