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Heal Ozone

Hi, I am xxxxxx from Chennai. I am suffering from cavities in 3 of my teeth. I would like to know if the ozone treatment could help me heal my cavities. Also, I would like to know its cost. Thanks!

Dear xxxxx, Ozone treatment with the help of Heal Ozone and Diagnodent read is an excellent solution for the following conditions.

  • When cavity is limited to pits and fissures, then this treatment can do away with the need to create a cavity and fill in high 90 percent of the cases. It involves just a gentle stream through a suction cup to
    the tooth, which penetrates deep into the tooth, killing all the anaerobes and oxidizing the food residues. The strong fluoride oral local supplements with it, tend to remeneralize the destroyed tooth and render it insoluble to fresh acids.
  • If there is already a cavitation, central or peripheral this treatment helps in killing most bacteria and remineralizing tooth structure thereby avoiding need of removal of major tooth structure.
  • However, 46, sittings a week apart is the drawback in such a situation, if you are far away from the place of treatment. But its worth trying if one can afford the cost and time of journey.
  • It costs ten thousand for a set of 3 teeth and a thousand extra per next two teeth. This includes all the materials given to the patient, their cost as well.