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Considering Implants in replacement of currently used full dentures (last 17 years)

Lower denture giving problems and told that there is no or poor bone in the lower jaw and recommended Implants. Would like to know the total cost, total time required, procedure/process. Would like to talk to some satisfied clients to know the level of their satisfaction and efficiency.

Ans of Dr. Sanjay Arora.

Thanks for inquiring from us and trusting that we may be able to deliver.
Whenever there is less bone in the lower jaw two options are available
1. Do nerve relocation– Optimal for out of India patients. In this the the nerve passing through the jaw is relocated to a outward position, giving access to the basal bone of the lower jaw, which is mostly enough for the implants.
2. Add boneOnlay Grafts– This is apt for the patients who travel frequently to the country or are easily accessible. The added advantage is a better support for the implants.

Cost depends on the
1. Number of implants one decides to have or are needed- Ideally one should have one implant per tooth lost that is 14. if the cost is more or one wants to avoid that then combinations of 10,8,6 or 4 for the lower jaw exist. one can also have a denture fitted over 2 or 4 implants. Implants come in many price ranges and a detailed price chart is being attached. one can decide according to one’s pocket as to how many one wants to have. Essentially implants as cheap as 350 dollars are available which perform reasonably well. higher ranges upto a 2000 dollars are also available.

2. What quality of implants can one afford?

Time required : Essentially the entire procedure of implantation is done in 1-4 hours depending on number of implants one opts for. Nerve Relocation on both sides takes additional 1.5-2 hours. One days rest is enough. In case one opts for onlay grafts, then also it takes roughly the same time, and 2 days rest. However implants are then scheduled 4 months later, as this is the time bone takes to takeup.

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