Teeth in an hour-BOI

teeth in an hour BOIThe way Dr.Sanjay Arora is able to provide implant Teeth in an Hour is by using precision surgical techniques combined with sophisticated computer technology.

Teeth in an Hour is a method utilizing radiographic 3-dimensional scans to make a totally accurate representation of the patients jaw and then constructing a mechanical template on this jaw which allows the dentist to place implants with extreme precision. As a matter of fact, the precision is so good that you can actually make up the final restoration (the new teeth) on the model and transfer everything exactly to the patient’s real jaw. Using the template in the patient’s mouth, the implants are precisely placed and then the new teeth are attached allowing the patient to leave within and hour or two or three with a complete set of teeth ready for action.


Of course, you get your teeth right away instead of waiting 3 to 6 months or more. You also benefit from faster healing with the implant surgery and implant placement is more precise than if the dentist did it by hand.

With teeth-in-an-hour (computer guided dental implants), it is now possible to have functional and aesthetic implanted teeth in one treatment session, with the benefits of immediate function, shortened treatment time and better clinical efficiency.

Using a CT scan of your jaw structure and three-dimensional computer imaging technology, allows the implantologist to pre-plan the treatment and place the implants safely and accurately using a computer generated surgical stent. Most times, the same digitised model can be used to fabricate the actual teeth to be fitted at the same time as the implant surgery. That’s right..AT THE SAME TIME!

Because the implants fit exactly into the surgical sites created for them, there is no healing time necessary for the bone to fill in around them, and this is why you can function immediately.

Since so much time and effort is spent in the planning phase and it is so precise, the actual surgical appointment goes fairly quickly.

At the present time, this treatment solution is only intended for edentulous jaws where:

  • sufficient amount of jaw bone exists
  • the quality of the jaw bone is adequate for immediate loading
  • opening the mouth at least 50 mm is possible (important especially for lower jaws while teeth are present in the opposite jaw)
  • the health of the patient is not compromised

The end result for you:

  • Immediate function of your dental implants.
  • Less pain during the appointment and during the post-operative recovery period.

A highly aesthetic and functional result because of the careful planning.

BOI Implant

BOI implantDisc Implants/ Immediate Loading Implants

Utilization of the patient’s own bone substance
Augmentation procedures to create endosseous anchorage are avoided, eliminating the risks associated with ancillary surgical procedures. There Cost and time savings.

Immediate/early loading Implants

  • Avoidance of interim dentures and provisionals.
  • No reentry/implant exposure surgery.

Very little external material

  • Diskos® and BOI® implants displace up to 60% less bone substance than comparable screw implants.
  • Bone integrity and perfusion are barely impaired.

one hour BOI implantImmediate implant placement after extensive tooth extractions

  • Immediate implantation is possible even in cases with periodontal involvement (cleaning, perio treatment and implant placement in a single step).
  • Considerable time savings can be realized.
  • The cost/benefits ratio is excellent.

Favourable distribution of biomechanical loads

  • Loads are distributed only to the cortical regions.
  • The cortical regions are more resistant to resorption and stronger and also regenerate more quickly.
  • Enossal force transmission occurs far away from the site of bacterial invasion.
  • Immediate loading is possible thanks to bicortical support and immediate prosthodontic splinting.
  • High resistance to bacterial infection – force-transmitting enossal aspects of the implant are far away from the site of bacterial invasion.

boi-implantFew complications during the surgical phase

  • Diskos® and BOI® implants are very resistant to preoperative or intraoperative infection –  patients are not subject to excessive oral hygiene requirements.
  • Smokers are eligible for treatment.

Pleasing the surgical and restorative members of the team

  • BOI® implants let dentists treat even difficult cases in the specialist dental surgery.
  • BOI® implantology returns these cases to the skilled implantologist: hospital stays, bone transplants (inasmuch as their only purpose is to create a suitable implant bed for screw implants) and many other unnecessary steps can be dispensed with…

boi-implant careExpand your range of therapeutic options, and offer solutions in the following situations

• Medium to severe bone atrophy
• Implant loss
• Periodontologically compromised patients
• Avoidance of bone augmentation and sinus lift procedures
• Avoidance of bone transplant

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