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Dental Implants

Like the unique crown on a Kings’ head, Our teeth sit proudly in the mouth bed, One day the King’s crown fell, His life turned into a hell, “Someone please replace my lost crown, Help me get rid of the problem in town”, Said the King in a desperate voice Till a magician gave him a wonderful choice, “I shall plant a stable new crown on your head, And fix it permanently with a rod into the hair bed”, The elated King was enthralled to get his integrity back.. He showered the magician with gifts worth a Lakh!!!

Dental Implants In DelhiTeeth are an integral part of a person’s personality. Even if one goes missing nothing else but a tooth can substitute a tooth. Remains from ancient China (dating 4000 years ago) have carved bamboo pegs, tapped into the bone, to replace lost teeth, and 2000-year-old remains from ancient Egypt have similarly shaped pegs made of precious metals. Some Egyptian mummies were found to have planted human teeth, and in other instances, teeth made of ivory. Hence we realise, a dental implant is not a new concept!!!! Rather it is the oldest and the most authentic way to replace a tooth; the fact being, technological advancement has refined the whole process to the next level.


A dental implant is an artificial tooth root that is surgically sowed or planted into our jaw to hold an artificial tooth or bridge in place. The benefit of using implants is that they don’t rely on neighboring teeth for support and they are permanent and stable. Implants are a good solution to tooth loss because they look and feel like natural teeth.

What Are Implants Made Up Of? Dental Implants In India

Implant material is made from different types of metallic and bone-like ceramic materials that are compatible with body tissue. There are different types of dental implants depending on shape and material;all being placed directly into the jaw bone, like natural tooth roots.


How Do They Work?

Strategically placed, implants can now be used to support permanently cemented bridges, eliminating the need for a denture. The cost tends to be greater, but the implants and bridges more closely resemble real teeth. They can also be used to support dentures and increase their stability.

implants and bridges


Can Anyone Receive Dental Implants?

Talk to your dentist about whether you are an implant candidate. You must be in good health and have the proper bone structure and healthy gums for the implant to stay in place. People who are unable to wear dentures may also be good candidates. If you suffer from chronic problems, such as clenching or bruxism, or systemic diseases, such as diabetes, one needs to control them first, in order to achieve equivalent success. Additionally, people who smoke or drink alcohol may not be good candidates till the time they quit smoking.

What Happens During The Surgery?

The dentist must perform the surgery to anchor the “artificial root” into or on one’s jaw bone. The procedure is done in the dental office under local anaesthesia. The implant is then covered with gums until implant and bone become one unit. The dentist then uncovers the implant and attaches an extension to the implant. With some implants, the implant and the extension are a single unit placed in the mouth during the initial surgery. Finally, the dentist makes an artificial tooth, or crown, that is attached to the extension.

Dental Implants Treatment In India


How Long Does The Process Take?

The process can take 3-9 months to complete. Each patient heals differently, so the time varies. After the implant and extensions are placed surgically, the healing process can take up to 3-6 months and the fitting of replacement teeth no more than two months. Sometimes, if a patient has good bone quality, extensions can be placed and artificial teeth fitted in one appointment.

What Is The Success Rate Of Implants?

The success rate for implants depends on the tooth’s purpose and location in the mouth, as well as a patient’s overall health.

How To Take Care Of Implants?

Dental Implants In DelhiPoor oral hygiene is a big reason why some implants fail. It is important to floss and brush around the fixtures at least twice a day. The dentistgives specific instructions on how to care for new implants. Additional cleanings of up to four times per year may be necessary to ensure that one retains healthygums.


What Is The Cost Of Implants?

Since implants involve surgery and are more involved, they cost more than traditional bridgework. However, some dental procedures and portions of the restoration may be covered by dental and medical insurance policies. The dentist can help the patient with this process.

-Gunpreet Oberoi